ESOS energy audit

ESOS Energy Audit methodology can vary depending on the type of business to be audited and agreed objectives with the Lead Assessor.

Government guidance recommends several methodologies (see below) that can be implemented to achieve the required compliance levels.

Upon notification of compliance to the Environment Agency, the participant must be in possession of a ESOS Audit Summary Report and ESOS Audit Evidence Pack, signed off by the appointed Lead Assessor and a board level Director.

An ESOS Energy Audit is the bespoke method to compliance. The actual audit methodology can vary depending on the organisation and the agreed scope and goals of the assessment.

The ESOS Energy Audit is one of the four routes to compliance identified by the Government:
• ESOS Energy Audits;
• ISO 50001 certification;
• Display Energy Certificates (DECs); and
• Green Deal Assessments.

It is important to note that the ESOS Energy Audit can use elements of the other routes to compliance. For example, part of your ESOS Energy Audit could contain Display Energy Certificate Operational Ratings for your buildings.