Do I need to comply with ESOS Phase 2?

Phase 2 is here. If you had to comply with Phase 1, and your business still falls within the ESOS threshold on 31/12/2018, then you have to comply again with phase 2. It is exactly the same process. The assumption is that you would have made improvements since the last audit (you did not have to by the way), and the new audit will look to expand on savings further. The deadline for completion of Phase 2 is 05/12/2019.

If your business did not fall within the remit of ESOS (e.g. was not classed as a ‘Large Undertaking’) in Phase 1, but has since grown and is likely to fall within the remit on 31/12/2018 then you must also comply with Phase 2. See Our Scoping Tool to see if you will fall within the ESOS remit.

Whilst we can start the property/transport/process audits now, the 12 month energy consumption assessment period must include data taken on 31/12/2018. Therefore, you can’t complete entire ESOS Phase 2 process until after that date.

If you would like to know and discuss how we can help you complete your Phase 2 compliance, please get in contact.