What is the Process?

Appoint a Lead Assessor

We provide a flexible approach to your ESOS compliance, if you are happy to do most of the work yourselves and appoint us to review and sign-off your assessment we can do that. If you want us to complete your whole ESOS assessment, including sign-off, we can do that also. We would always recommend that you appoint a Lead Assessor first so that we can ensure you are heading in the right direction form the start.

Calculate your total energy consumption and identify 90%

The first stage is to calculate your total energy consumption across your entire organisation. This includes transport, buildings and processes. You must then identify at least 90% of that consumption which you will to subject to an ESOS compliant audit.

Complete ESOS compliant Audits

You must complete ESOS compliant audits on 90% of your consumption. ESOS compliant audits include Green Deal, Display Energy Certificates and ESOS energy audits. An exception to this is if you are covered by ISO 50001. Each type of audit has its own benefits/draw backs. We will help you identify what is best for your company.

Complete your report and evidence pack

You must complete an ESOS report and evidence pack which is a summary of the work you have completed and repository of the data you have used to complete your calculations. This must be retained and be readily available if the Environment Agency chooses your company for a compliance audit

Sign-off and Notification

Your ESOS report and findings must be signed off by a director of your company and a qualified ESOS Lead Assessor . You must then notify the Environment Agency of your compliance on, or before the compliance date. For ESOS Phase 2, this is 05/12/2019

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