What are the Penalties?

Failure to comply with any aspect of an ESOS Assessment (not using sufficient data, not using a Lead Assessor etc.) penalty is:

  • A requirement to conduct an ESOS Assessment by a date specified by the compliance body; and/or
  • A penalty of up to £50,000; and/or
  • An additional £500 per day penalty for each day starting on the day after the compliance date that the organisation remains non-compliant, subject to a maximum of 80 days; and/or publication of details of non-compliance.

There are further fines of up to £5000 each (plus up to £500 per day until compliance has been met) for additional failures to comply including:

  • Failure to comply with an enforcement,
  • Failure to notify the Scheme Administrator 
  • Failure to maintain adequate records to demonstrate compliance with ESOS