What buildings to include in your total energy supply.

Below is our suggested methodology of how you could decide if the buildings fall within your ESOS remit.  If you work through points 1 to 5 for each building, it should hopefully provide some clarity. This is
just our interpretation of the regulations, you should consult with the environment agency if it is the correct interpretation of their guidance.  Please note HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

1. Is our organisation supplied with the energy (e.g. you receive a bill from the energy company)?  Yes/No/In-part

No = It is the responsibility of the tenant

Yes = Proceed to point 2

In-Part= Proceed to point 2

2. Do we sub-meter supplies to the tenant (including HVAC)?  Yes/No/In-part

No = Proceed to point 3

Yes = Proceed to point 4

In-part (e.g. We have a meter for the whole building HVAC / they have a sub-meter for the energy they use on their floor)  = Proceed to point 4

3. Can we reasonably estimate what the tenant uses? Yes/No

Yes = Proceed to point 4

No = It is our responsibility

4. Do we control the energy use (e.g. Only we control HVAC run-times/set points, Only we can upgrade the building fabric/HVAc system)?  Yes/No/In-part

No= It is the responsibility of the tenant

Yes = It is our responsibility

In-part =  We believe you should include in your total energy consumption the part you consume & control, and, the tenant should include in their total energy consumption the part they consume & control.  In this situation, you would need written agreement with the tenant who stating accepts responsibility for what.  **Please note, on this point we are trying to get clear clarification on from the EA.  After numerous e-mails, we are no closer to them confirming/rejecting if this is the correct methodology**.